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February 2010



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Feb. 11th, 2010



fucking so stressed out right now >_<
the day started out kinda good. starting to get over my fear of gyms. even hired a personal trainer. but right now i feel like everyone is trying to avoid me. then i finally find someone to talk to and we get into a debate about whether or not there is a right or wrong/good and evil or if its all a mater of opinions and perspectives. nothing stresses me out more than arguments and stupid people. seriously, there is a right and wrong a good and evil. with his argument, one could rape and kill children, and not be evil, for in his mind, he could be doing good because its what makes him feel like its the right thing to do, even though most of the world would think its wrong and that he's evil. but he would not truely be evil simply because he may not see him self that way. or he could be evil if he thinks that what he is doing is wrong, its all up to him.

fuck that. there is a right and wrong. just because i may say "in my opinion 2+2=5" doesn't mean that i'm right just because its my opinion and its "right to me." no. it is wrong. even if i truly believed that i would be right, i would in reality be wrong. if looking at me from behind and seeing my long hair some random guy may honestly think i'm a woman. just because of the perspective he is in, doesn't make him right. even if i turned around and he saw that i had a beard, no boobs, and a bulge in my pants, and still believes i'm a woman because to him anyone with long hair is a woman, does not make me a woman. according to my DNA i am male, not female.

now if u could be logically wrong in terms of math and genetics and anything scientific, then logically you can be wrong about actions you may think are right for the possibility of simply being wrong in general exists.

*grumble grumble* fucking stupid people piss me off. i'm so stressed out right now i actually feel like crying -_- and not just because of this. i'm fucking lonely and bored outta my mind! >_

Dec. 10th, 2009



This is my journal where i'm going to keep... uhhh.. what ever i feel like putting here. which could be nothing. could be a lot of things. Most likely i'll just post some of my 3D models here and random rants.

For right now my LJ is for friends only! but if ur not a friend and would still like to view my journal leave me a message on how u found me and why u'd like to watch me. i may accept i may not.